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Washburn Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar

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Washburn Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar

The Washburn acoustic guitar is an excellent guitar for practicing, playing, and most especially being your musical travel companion. It is made from high-quality materials like its solid spruce top, strong mahogany neck and beautiful mahogany body.

In addition to the quality body, the Washburn acoustic guitar has one awesome full-sized feature: its neck. What really excited me when I first opened the case and at gazed at my little travel buddy was the full 24 inch scale, with 19 full frets, on the gorgeous Rosewood fingerboard.

The cherry on top it the Washburn acoustic guitar’s professional binding and quality inlay, good quality geared tuners and its molded case which fits into overhead storage compartments on most airlines.


The great thing about the small size of the Washburn acoustic guitar is that it allows for full playability of all of the 24 inch scale which features 19 full frets. There is no difficulty getting to the end of the fret board because of the diminutive body. The full-sized neck is extremely comfortable for fingering which will excite the experienced musicians wanting to run a full scale.

In addition to the small body size helping fret access, it also causes the Washburn acoustic guitar to weigh less. Much less. This beauty only weighs in at 2.5 pounds so it’s an excellent choice for those who get weary holding a larger bodied guitar but want the full, rich sound of one.


The Washburn acoustic guitar has a great production quality and richness that is synonymous with a full-sized body guitar with a slightly quieter output due to its size.Sometimes being quieter is a great thing though, because it has allowed me to play my Washburn acoustic guitar in camping areas and hotels without disturbing other guests. That is a huge travel instrument bonus.

Solid spruce, mahogany and rosewood are all excellent quality tonewoods that help propel the Washburn acoustic guitar into the realm of the greats.

I personally think the sound is more pleasing when fingerpicked with this guitar, but it plays beautifully with a pick as well. Bonus: three picks are included with this guitar kit.

Traveling with the Washburn Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar

Something that always concerns me with traveling with my guitars, of any size, is to make sure my instrument will be safe. The case that comes with the Washburn acoustic guitar is a very high quality cordura case that has a molded interior with a hard foam lining.

The case also features inside and outside pockets that allow for small tuners, picks, mini playbooks, you name it! It also has luggage straps, backpack straps for even easier carrying, and three D-rings to adjust all the straps and clips for an exact fit for you to carry it.

Super Bonus: it’s sized to fit overhead storage bins in planes, so that you do not have to check in this guitar. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly had a heart attack on the flight hoping that my instruments would not get damaged in general cargo bins!


  • Full 24" scale on a full-guitar-sized neck
  • Comes with a plush lined Cordura case with backpack straps
  • Beautiful mahogany body
  • SOLID spruce top
  • Kit includes a guitar strap and three picks
  • Beginners will enjoy the included Learn to Play CD ROM
  • Professionally bound body and bound Rosewood fingerboard
  • Super lightweight at 2.5 lbs
  • Fits into overhead airline compartments!


  • Sorry, lefties! It only comes in a right-handed version
  • For the uneducated passerby you may remind them of Tiny Tim playing “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” on a ukulele because of the small body size. I'm kidding! Although the size is similar to a ukulele, the sound is full-bodied and I can't come up with any other cons about this guitar personally.

Final Verdict

This is an awesome travel guitar and one I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a smaller instrument to take on the road.  Its small size makes it a good guitar for younger players, and excites the more experienced musicians with its full access to all 19 frets.

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