Yamaha C40 GigMaker

Yamaha C40 GigMaker

It’s a Yamaha.

Before I even delve into a lengthy review about the Yamaha C40 Gigmaker guitar set, I need to let you know that I don’t typically have a company preference. I won’t tell you that this is the best beginner guitar on the market because Yamaha is the Cadillac of guitars, but the truth is, it really is the best guitar out there for the price. At least in my opinion.

Yamaha is known for its superior quality despite being very economical. There is no difference with this guitar quality when compared to a much more expensive model. In this respect it is not only really affordable, but almost suspiciously affordable.

What’s in the Yamaha C40 GigMaker Package?

Everything you need to start playing your first guitar, or travel with a good one.

Yamaha knew that they made a great product they offer their limited lifetime warranty with the package. It has 4.6 out of 5 stars on hundreds of Amazon reviews, and getting a good review consistently for a guitar is almost more difficult than a travel hotel. How many good reviews do you see on an economical motel? That says a lot for the overall quality of the Yamaha C40.

This is the complete acoustic classical guitar set up for beginning players. This Yamaha C40 Gigmaker package supplies you with everything that you need to start playing, but the guitar is good enough quality that anyone with intermediate or advanced guitar skills will be extremely pleased with this as an inexpensive travel guitar.

The Yamaha C40 Gigmaker kit includes the nylon strings for the classical guitar sound and setup, a guitar case and a beginner CD with examples of songs for music learners to listen to and attempt to play along with.

What is the Yamaha C40?

The Yamaha C40 is a full sized guitar at just over 47” long, but has a compact 17.5” body which is great for beginners. It offers a wider fretboard which makes it easier for beginners who have a difficult time with strings placed too closely together. You don’t need to worry about accidentally touching the string next to the one you’re trying to play and creating a buzzing sound.

How does the Yamaha C40 Sound?

The sound quality of the Yamaha C40 is superior. That sound is created with the solid wood Spruce guitar top, the Japanese rosewood fretboard and bridge, the classic Nato neck and the Indonesian mahogany backing. All beautiful quality tone wood. The fretboard boasts 19 frets and beautiful chrome tuners.

While this guitar is not handmade, which is disappointing for those who want a handcrafted guitar (you also could not dream of getting a handmade guitar for this price) Yamaha has constructed the Yamaha C40 within exact quality parameters. Because it is created by a computer-controlled machine, just like a CNC machine making spinal grafts you would use in surgery, the Yamaha C40 is engineered to sound as beautiful as it looks.
It really is a beautiful guitar.  When I unpackaged it I thought at first I had received the wrong model!  I am very impressed by the wood quality in an expensive beginner guitar.

Downfalls of the Yamaha C40

The only issue I have ever had with my Yamaha C40 is the sound projection is a little lower than some acoustic guitars due to its more compact body style.  Acoustic guitars are by their nature low projectors so it’s not really an issue worth discussing in my opinion.  If you want loud sound with this particular model, I suggest amplifying it and you’ll be good to go.


  • Nylon strings make life easier for beginner’s fingers
  • Compact body makes playing easier for beginners
  • Wider fretboard reduces double-string playing for beginners
  • Beautiful tone woods used in construction
  • Yamaha Warranty
  • Case and Beginner CD included in package
  • Extremely Affordable Bargain
  • Deep bass sound despite compact body

Final Verdict

I would definitely recommend the Yamaha C40 Gigmaker package to anyone wanting to learn to play who is large enough to hold a full-sized guitar.  The nylon strings make your fingers happier when learning to play and the fretboard is not only beautiful but user-friendly. I can’t stress enough how surprisingly low the price is for the quality of the guitar.  Yamaha made a winner in the C40!

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