10 Effective Tips for Learning the Guitar


Playing the guitar is a fun and creative outlet, but some feel it’s too challenging to learn. While you will need to put in a lot of practice time to actually sound good, learning the guitar can be a great experience . It may even become your new favorite hobby. Here are ten effective tips to use as you start learning to play the acoustic guitar.

learning the guitar



1. Keep your thumb on the back of the neck of the guitar


Doing so will increase your accuracy and precision because it forces you to use your fingertips to play the guitar notes. It also prevents the accidental muting of nearby strings that often happens when players use the flat pads of their fingers to play rather than the tips.


2. Practice both sitting down and standing up


This will get you used to playing both ways. Those who only practice sitting will find it awkward when they eventually play while standing and it may affect their technique in that position.


3. Try to focus intently during practice


This means silencing your phone. turning off the TV, and putting your focus into what you’re doing. This is one of the easiest ways to get better at playing the guitar. A surprising number of people keep all types of distractions going on in the background when they’re learning the guitar, and it can really slow down your progress.


4. Remember to use correct fingering when learning the guitar


It can be easy to simply use any finger that you want to play notes, but this won’t help you develop proper technique. Grab a chord chart if you’re not sure that you’re using the right fingering. People have been using certain fingers for specific notes on the fretboard for centuries, and for good reason: it works well.


5. Don’t worry about playing fast in the beginning


The goal of learning to play the guitar should be to nail down good technique. It’s not necessary to go fast during practice when you’re just starting out. Pay attention to your technique and you’ll be better able to play fast later on down the line.


6. A metronome will help improve your timing


A metronome or click track is a key way to improve your rhythm and timing, both of which are important to becoming a decent guitar player. Think of the metronome as a drummer in the background keeping the beat. Use a physical traditional metronome or download your favorite app to use during practice.


7. Ensure you’re using quality equipment


You don’t have to spend a fortune on your guitar, but you should buy the best acoustic guitar or other type of guitar that you can afford. Don’t look at price alone, also consider how well made the instrument is.


8. Remember that both hands need technique work


Many guitar players, especially those who are just starting out, will focus so much on what their left hand is doing that they neglect to train their right hand just as much. Both are essential for playing the guitar well, so don’t forget to specifically work on improving your right hand’s technique as you practice. Once you get more comfortable with what your left hand is supposed to do, work on exercises that will strengthen the skills in your other hand.


9. Practice consistently


If you practice guitar playing for two hours one day, then don’t practice against for two weeks — and you keep up a random practice schedule — your progress will come much more slowly. The best thing to do is practice consistently for a shorter amount of time. For instance, you can choose to work on your guitar skills every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for an hour during each session.


10. Practice is a good time to try difficult chords


As you improve your guitar playing and continue to practice, you’ll come across chords that are difficult for you to play. Don’t avoid working on these chords just for the sake of doing what comes easier. Challenging yourself a bit will help you become a more well rounded player. If you keep at it you’ll eventually be able to play the chords that initially give you trouble.






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