38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package


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What Is In the 38 Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package?

This kit comes with everything you need to start out with the basics of playing an acoustic guitar. If you’re nervous about playing for the first time, or get overwhelmed with having to put things together without a demonstration for the first time – this kit has you covered. The guitar comes pre-strung with 6 steel strings, ready to play your first ballad.

Get over excited about playing like your favorite 80’s hair band and pop a string? This kit has you covered! It comes with an EXTRA set of strings.

Worried about breaking a nail or realize your fingers get tender playing? – They will until you build up your finger pickin’ calluses – this kit has you covered. It comes with a guitar pick.

In addition to that is a shoulder strap and nylon (i.e. washable!) guitar bag to carry it around so you don’t need to worry about leaving it open or carrying it by the neck. Think of it like a baby carrier for your very first guitar! What would you name your very first guitar? I use the guitar bag as a storage cover in my house just to keep dust, pet hair, etc. getting in the sound hole when not in use in my high-traffic house.

Also included in the 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package is a pitch pipe – super useful and super necessary to those who know how to tune and play.  For extreme novices like me, a weird plastic 6-holed tool. One thing I discovered early is if you want to play with anyone singing remotely in tune with you or playing another instrument with you, you need to know how to tune a guitar. So again, this kit has you covered!  This pitch pipe is such an awesome add-on to this package because:

  • It’s a completely portable method for tuning an acoustic guitar to standard pitches
  • This pitch pipe only plays the notes of the open strings of the guitar and not the extra notes you would tune in-between for another instrument like a piano or your Aunt Mabel’s singing
  • Look Ma! No Hands! Seriously, this is an awesome tuner – no hands required! You can hold the pitch pipe easily in your mouth and blow to hear the pitch and use your hands to strum and tune the guitar.

Why Did I Choose the 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package?

I chose the 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package for a few reasons:

Awesome low price – I mean, really unbeatable price for an average sized guitar
It is a solid wood guitar, not composite or laminate and I wanted to learn on real wood like an old hand-crafted piece. In my head, I picture learning by a campfire and picking on something you would see in a John Wayne movie, not a plastic beginner’s version of a guitar like my toddler playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on his 18” version with a battery next to me.
Neutral Black Gloss Color – I love beautifully stained wood but I also know I am going to be rough and make mistakes my first time around with this guitar. I’m going to drop it, I’m going to slam my pick down the front of the soundboard when I completely miss the strings a few times the first week, and I’m just clumsy in general.  I also secretly want to be a rock star in my head and can’t wait to put my favorite stickers on this guitar or paint my own custom piece on that empty blank canvas on the back!

How does it feel to play the 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar?

Comfortable Beginner’s Guitar

It’s a nice average size at 38” with a slightly shorter fretboard with 19 frets. It’s also shallow, making it easier to handle for beginners for arm movement, and it’s very lightweight making it portable and user-friendly for nearly anyone.


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Comes with a pitch pipe tuner
  • Comes with a Product Warranty
  • Comes with an Extra Set of Strings
  • All real wood; no laminate composite
  • Classic Black Gloss Finish matches everything
  • Comes with a shoulder strap and a nylon carrying bag



  • It does not currently come with a left-hand option

Final Verdict

I would recommend the 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package to anyone in the beginning stages of acoustic guitar playing who is ready to try their first instrument.  The price is really unbeatable for the complete set and allows you to purchase everything you need to try playing an acoustic steel-string guitar without breaking the bank or running to the music store when you break your first string.

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