5 helpful tips for Guitar Beginners


 Tips for guitar beginner

5 helpful tips for Guitar Beginners

So you have decided to dust off your guitar and to have a go at learning to play it – that’s great news because it is a decision you will not regret especially if you do a little reading up on guitar playing and learn some helpful tips for guitar beginners. Try and allow yourself an hour every day to practice, but if this isn’t possible, even 30 minutes most days are good – and better than several hours more infrequently. Before you start, pop into your local music shop to check that the guitar strings are in good condition and in tune.

1. Say ‘hello’ to your guitar!

Admire the workmanship that has gone into making your guitar. Find a comfortable chair and a comfortable sitting position, with the guitar at the correct angle. Look at a diagram of a guitar and learn the various parts Simply enjoy plucking each string in turn, with the index finger on your right hand.

What happens when you press your index finger on your other hand on one of the frets? Does the sound change? Is it a clear sound or is it muffled?

This is the first lesson in technique. To ensure that the chords you will be learning sound clear and strong, you must press the tip of your chord fingers (left hand) down firmly- this will need lots of practice and your fingertips could be a little sore until the skin hardens.

Spend some time listening to different types of guitar music and enjoy the different notes and rhythms.

2.Learn five chords first

Find some information on guitar chords and some helpful tips for guitar beginners to help you get the chords sounding good.

Learn the name of each chord and practice each until you are really happy with their sound.

Don’t put yourself under too much pressure- don’t try to learn too many chords at once. – it is easy to get into a muddle!.

3.Tackle some tricky chords too!

Once you are feeling confident with the first five chords, it will be time to tackle another five!  Again, have a look at some helpful tips for guitar beginners so that you can see the fingering used.

Definitely, some chords are much harder to play than others and involve really stretching your hand whilst trying to press the strings down firmly with your fingertips – not easy at first but with plenty of practice, you will be delighted with your progress and will soon be ready to tackle some easy songs for guitar beginners.

4.Get strumming!

Well if your chords are beginning to sound good and you can play a sequence of three or four without hesitation it is fun to start paying attention to speed and rhythm. At this stage it is great to get some easy songs for guitar beginners – if things don’t go too well,  you may need to practice those chords again, but if all is going well you can really have fun singing loudly ( best to warn any neighbours first!) and pretending to be your favourite pop star!

5.Remember to enjoy yourself!

Guitar playing is relaxing and fun and nothing beats an informal sing song with friends – but it does take a time to master the basics and practice is really important. If you find that things are not progressing so well, simply go back a step and practice until you are pleased before trying anything new.

Whenever you are feeling things are getting tricky, it is best to put the guitar down and look at some helpful tips for guitar beginners because suddenly things will fall into place and you will be reaching for your guitar once again.




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