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Best 7 String Guitars Review and Buying Guide

Music lovers take pride in their art through the instruments they play. To look good and feel good, choose the classiest, the most elegant and the best type for your forte. Of all the instruments out there, the guitar is widely used and practiced by musicians at heart.

Guitars take different forms, electric guitars for example. Choosing one is a complicated process since there are a lot of things to consider.  The right color, style, the specifications, all of these are important factors to ponder to make a final decision.  Aside from that, it’s not something you get for free; you’re spending hard earned cash, so make a right choice.


The 7-string guitar sets the trend for guitar models. Its primary feature is added with one additional string to extend the bass range. Don’t worry about anything! We are your guide to finding the best 7 string guitar on the market that will suit you.

Check out our review, take note of the highlights of the best guitars on the market, we will help you no matter what level you’re at.

Top Seven String Guitars Reviewed Below


Ibanez GRG7221 7-string Electric Guitar Black

This type of electric guitar is made of solid wood material and is the best choice for metalheads that prefers high-speed low-drag shredding music.

This is perfectly primed for the enthusiast who wants to turn up the heat and exudes a rocker attitude. Moreover, the body of the instrument is crafted accordingly to a person’s body type so one can create music with ease. With a great crisp sound it can produce, it’s a perfect partner to go a stage solo performance.

And per customer reviews, they prefer this as a perfect present for their children as its specifications are perfect for anyone’s style and taste.


A) It is light build, so it doesn’t place a lot of pressure on one’s shoulder

B) Product is made with durable and sturdy materials

C) The strings are of high quality


A) Orientation of the product is for right-handed individuals

B) Case is sold separately

C) Can’t go too low because its scale length is limited to

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Jackson JS22-7 Dinky – Satin Black

This model is one of the best 7 string guitars for the money that you can engage in practice or play live. With its solid body and thick heavily toned neck, a lifetime partner is found for drop tuning guitarists. Guitarists would not go wrong with this piece of art as it can suffice the temptation of actually playing a good and remarkable metal piece of music.

Strings are made with top notch materials and are easy to control and pluck. The fast neck is made with a 26.5″ scale length. Play like a rocker, go on stage with this guy and crowd will surely go wild. It weighs 15.5 pounds, light weight to consider for guitars.

Customers who have tried it complement its superior features and specifications over other electric guitars out there. Its smooth curve creates a feeling a comfort and speed.


A) Perfect for metal rock piece

B) Exudes a dangerous, sexy and mysterious look

C) String tension is not too tight and easy to manipulate to get the right tone

D) Lightweight that even girls can handle it with ease


A) There are times when frets are produced when playing

B) Tuning is sometimes an issue

C) Limited stocks in the market

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ESP LTD M-17 Black 7 String Guitar

Are you looking for an electric guitar that can go low to achieve the note that you want? With the LTD M-17, you would not anymore pay another dime just to achieve your dream note; it’s a 7 string electric guitar that can go as low as a 6 string guitar. The price is also very affordable, and anyone with cash at hand can take pride in buying this type.

It has a basswood body, a rosewood type fingerboard, a maple neck and designed with ESP Designed LH-100 passive humbucking pickups. The specifications are a real teaser, and even beginner players can play this guy with comfort. The sleek features of this guitar are a head turner no matter where the player goes.

Some customers who have tried it says the instrument is worthy of the price, but some people encounter minor issues when it comes to tuning. To take that into consideration, the instrument still belongs to the list of the best 7 string guitars.


A) The Pickups are Passive ESP Designed LH-100

B) It is equipped with a TOM Bridge

C) The Controls are Vol/Tone with a 3 Way Switch


A) Minor issues may be detected

B) Tuning the keys may be an issue

C) The pickup is bad at times

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Schecter OMEN-7 7-String Electric Guitar, Black

To have a good run of your money, it is always a good practice to carefully navigate and research the web for more information. It is safer and economically equitable to have great knowledge about the product and which offers you the greatest benefit. When it comes to a 7 string electric guitars, choose a model, brand, type that can be controlled easily with one’s dexterity.

This type offers its customer the value of best 7 string guitar for the money. It is constructed with the right proportion, and the components are top notched. The body is made of rosewood material that produces a richer sound and limits overtones. The playability is protected by its finely crafted tunes with its classic design that is lubricated and sealed properly.

It is geared up with sonic features that are the envy of many electric guitar models. The price is very worthy of its value.


A) 26.5″ scale bolt-on maple neck

B) 3-Way pickup selector

C) Schecter Diamond Plus humbucking bridge pickup

D) Made from a strong and stable well-balanced material


A) Pickups are tolerable but can be adjusted

B) The nut sometimes cause a fret buzz

C) The strings that come with it may need to be changed to achieve a very low note

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Ibanez RG Series RG7421PB 7-String Electric Guitar Transparent Gray

Ibanez is a brand to look up to when it comes to guitar crafting and distribution. The features that they carefully placed on their product is superb and overall an outmatched to their competitors. They are the strongest brand when it comes to metal guitar, and this type of Ibanez model is their prime model.

Every detail of laid on the instrument screams perfection in speed, expression, and fury. It has a 3 piece Wizard II-7 Maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and can maximize the players comfort in its performance. The well-balanced tonality and its sleek design top all electric guitar models.

This piece is built with a pair of Quantum 7 pickups that provides a high quality like articulation and tone textures. This type is perfectly honed to forge a good sound impact that offers an exceptional speed and strength.


A) Sound is multipurpose

B) Sleek and lightweight features

C) Made of Mahogany Body / Poplar Burl Top


A) The case is sold separately

B) No spot to install a whammy bar

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What are 7 String Guitars?

A 7 string electric guitar has 1 additional string to increase the treble range of the 6 string guitar. The extra strings are usually added by extending the width of the fingerboard so it can be fretted by the left hand or just add a floating bass string.

Special Considerations in Buying an Electric Guitar

Numerous brands and models of electric guitars have surfaced nowadays, and it is quite difficult to choose the right one since all of them nearly have the same specifications. It is always a prerogative to have knowledge or ask an expert before buying one to get a good run for your money. Electric guitars are quite expensive, so budget wise considerations must be carefully laid beforehand.

Here are the following tips to consider:

  1. A beginner always have the difficulty of choosing his style and the type of music he wants to play, make sure you already have an idea of what you want
  2. Buy according to your budget. There are quite a few models that are priced less but offers a high value for that instrument.
  3. If you are buying it for someone like your child or your boyfriend, then you must know what he likes or if the features suits the person’s taste
  4. Electric guitars that can go reach a very low note usually have a scale length of at least 26” or ”
  5. Some electric guitars are made with different orientation; they may be built for right or left handed individual


Ultimately, you would want to purchase the best 7 string guitar available and after careful and thorough sifting, Ibanez RG Series RG7421PB 7-String Electric Guitar Transparent Graytops the list of best 7 string guitars in the market.

The price may be an issue at first but ones you get hold of the instrument, the price will not matter anymore. If you want a good piece then might as well invest in the best model and brand. Music is passion and investing your time, effort and money on a product is not something regretful even though it’s expensive.



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