Best Travel Guitars with Sounds That Are Hard to Beat



Best Travel Guitar with Sounds

Travel guitars are amazing instruments that can add moments of joy and excitement to your trip. The only thing to worry about is that there are hundreds of different types to select from, so it is confusing to choose the best travel guitar.

If you’re a guitar player, you must own a travel guitar for an entirely different and thrilling experience. A travel guitar is quite different from a typical guitar that you play on a regular basis. Most guitarists take a travel guitar with them because they don’t want to ruin their actual one.


There are some superb quality travel guitars on the market, and following are the details of the best travel guitars for you:

Top Ten Best Travel Guitars


1. Luna Safari Travel Guitar: Best Travel Acoustic Guitar


Investing in the Luna Safari Travel Guitar can turn out to be the right decision. Before using this guitar, we thought that only huge guitars can be played comfortably and produce good sound quality. However, later we realized that carrying a large and bulky guitar while traveling is an arduous task. This travel guitar is very light and easy to operate. Its quality is better than other guitars of the same size and type.

It is a versatile one that can be used on many occasions. We used it while camping with friends, traveling on a bus, and playing for kids. The Celtic etching covering the sound hole adds more charm to this instrument.


It delivers good value for money and has excellent artistry. The Celtic engraving around the sound hole is awe-inspiring. The sound quality is ideal for this small size.


The strings are not good enough, and we had to replace them.


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2. Cordoba Travel Guitar: Ukulele Ornamented Guitar


Cordoba guitars are well known for their quality acoustic guitars. The Cordoba travel guitar has a classic shape with a cedar top and mahogany back and sides. The best features are its braided wood soundhole rosette and black binding.

It is a small travel guitar that gives the feel and performance of a big guitar. It has a custom Aquila string set and silver tuning pegs. The bridge is made up of rosewood, and there are standard string mounts on it.

The Cordoba travel guitar is the best travel acoustic guitar that gives you the sound quality of a full-size one. The neck of this guitar is made up of cedar, and there is a dovetail joint at the 12th fret.


It is small in size yet has a sturdy design. The neck is similar to the full-sized guitar. Overall, it sounds exquisite while being played.


The A to A tuning has a uke-like tonality that can be unpleasing to some.


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3. Washburn Rover Travel Guitar: Cool Little Travel Guitar


The Washburn Rover Travel Guitar is a versatile travel guitar that can be taken along with you in a car, plane, bus, or boat or when you go camping, hiking, and just about anywhere.

The Washburn Rover has amazing features and good performance. We tested this guitar and found out that it has incredible playability. It is extremely light and has a small body, but the performance is similar to a full-sized guitar.

There is a 24” scale with 19 frets, and that makes its frets board unique. It has a solid spruce top with a mahogany body and neck. The full-sized fretboard makes it easier to fit in an overhead storage. The fingerboard is made up of rosewood, and the binding and inlay are very professional. It is considered as the best travel electric guitar as it is easy to play it with its Learn to Play CD.


It is very consistent and has a good feel. It stays in tune and is fun to play. The full-sized neck gives a feel of a large guitar.


It feels like a banjo on the higher strings. The full-sized neck and small body is a combination that can sometimes get confusing to play.


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4. Traveler Guitar Speedster: Best Travel Electric Guitar


The Traveler Guitar Speedster has a stylish and modern-retro look. It has a fantastic and compact design and gives good performance too. We played the guitar and found out that it has a high-output dual-rail humbucker pickup and the right tone and volume controls that make it a perfect folding travel guitar.

Traveler Guitar Speedster fits easily in a plane’s overhead compartment, and we also detached the arm support during traveling. It possesses the ability to mimic the feel, sound, and performance of a full-sized guitar. It is perfect for you if you’re a frequent traveler and are concerned about your expensive and primary instrument being damaged. This guitar can’t be used for recording a session because the single coil pickup makes the tone a bit deficient.


It has a good pickup and possesses solid electronics. It can be used for jamming and practicing at small venues.


It doesn’t stay in tune, and heavy-handed playing creates tension in the string. You’ll have to pull on the strings to keep on equalizing the pressure.


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5. Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar with Bag: Best Travel Companion


The Martin Steel String Backpacker has a solid tonewood top, while the mahogany back, sides, and neck give it a cool look. It has a sturdy design that can withstand rigorous use while traveling, camping, and hiking. It is very lightweight and has high-quality chrome-enclosed tuners inside.

The Martin Steel String Backpacker is a durable instrument which is easy to play and can be fitted in small areas. The body and neck of the guitar are blended into one piece of mahogany, and the sound chamber is milled out. The tone is thin but quite loud for a traveling guitar, especially if you want to use it just for practicing or camping purposes.


It is very inexpensive and one of the best travel companions on the market. It consists of a 24” neck that is very playable.


The top is thick and hard to hold. It has a slight tone.


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 6. Yamaha JR1 Acoustic Guitar: Best ¾-Sized Guitar


This Yamaha guitar is very affordable and well-built. It has a ¾ size and has a solid spruce top with a meranti body. It has a bound top, a feature that is usually present in expensive guitars. The neck is comfortable to play. The hardware comprises of high-quality materials such as a rosewood bridge attached to a synthetic bone saddle.

Travel guitars usually have a thin tone because of their compact sizes, but this is not the case with the Yamaha JR1 acoustic guitar. The trebles are clean and crisp, and the sound is rich. It has a Javanese rosewood fingerboard and bridge and includes a Yamaha gig bag.


It has a rich tone and a very affordable price range. The dreadnought shape gives the user more space to control it.


It requires constant maintenance and tuning.


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7. Yamaha APX Guitar: Best Built-In Chromatic Tuner


Yamaha APX is the best travel electric guitar that is very neatly designed and perfect for wandering musicians. We just had a chance to play the Yamaha APX guitar and discovered that they are designed for incredible performance. It is an excellent choice for beginners and travelers alike.

The top of this guitar is entirely made up of spruce that provides a beautiful sound. The neck, back, and sides are made up of Nato, and the fingerboard or bridge is made up of rosewood. The design is thin and stylish and is very comfortable to hold and play. It has a built-in tuner and a mid-range frequency that can be customized.


It is very durable and lightweight. The tuner is chromatic, and the sound is clean. It can be played as both electric and acoustic.


It is not a good choice for professionals who need a more specialized instrument.


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8. Ultra-Light Travel Guitar: The Smallest Travel Guitar


The Ultra-Light Travel Guitar is one of the smallest and most compact travel guitars on the market. It is the best travel electric guitar that is the perfect solution for traveling musicians. There is a quality gig bag also included that can make it fit into narrow storage areas and compartments easily.

The neck and body are made up of Eastern American hard maple and the fingerboard is ebonized rosewood. The inlays of the fingerboard are vintage clay style. It has a natural satin finish that gives it a unique and stylish look.


It has a good feel and is fun to play. An affordable full-scale travel guitar and has a detachable lap rest frame. It stays in tune.


There is no volume control present.


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9. Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top: Best Guitar for Playing Old Songs


The Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy has an amazing fretwork for an entry-level acoustic. Its body copies the famous ‘Gretsch Rex’ design and blends it with a beautiful antique sunburst color pattern. It is a very affordable travel guitar and possesses a unique acoustic fiddle. It will let you enjoy the taste of music without breaking your bank. The Jim Dandy is perfect for those who are looking to play some old-school tones on a strict budget.


It has an authentic tone and a sturdy build. It is very fun to play.


There is no case included, and the finish seems a bit cheap.


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10. Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar: Best Starter Guitar for Kids


The Taylor BT2 is an authentic and sturdy acoustic guitar one can enjoy on the go. It has a stable and playable neck and is durable enough to withstand the rigors of traveling. It has a dreadnought body type where the top is made up of solid mahogany, and the back and sides are made up of layered Sapele.

The Taylor BT2 is the best electric travel guitar on the market which is loaded with amazing features. It comes with a gig bag that is very nicely designed and can be fit for all types of traveling purposes.


It has a good feel and is very consistent. It stays in tune and produces good audio.


It is quite expensive as compared to other beginner guitars.


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What to Consider Before Buying the Best Travel Guitar

Best Travel Guitar Review


  • The most important thing to consider is the brand as a good brand will ensure durability and authenticity of the best travel guitar.
  • Pay close attention to the materials, shape of the body, neck, and even the glue that holds the unit together. All these factors will affect the sound quality of the guitar.
  • We have already listed the best brands of travel guitars and the names discussed above should be your first choice.
  • Talk to other guitarists and keep on researching regarding the best brand of guitars on the market.

Genre of music

  • Different guitars are meant to play a different kind of music.
  • You’ll need a different acoustic footprint if you want to sing folk songs or an old-school song.

Shape and properties of the travel guitar

  • The rich and right tone of the guitar is caused by resonance and echo that takes place inside the box. So first play the guitar yourself, and feel the sound and tone produced after striking a few chords.
  • Most travel guitars have a slight tone, but they have other remarkable features too. It depends on which property you prefer.
  • We have always found the small and lightweight guitars fit for traveling. For instance, we traveled with the Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar and found it too difficult to carry along because it is not lightweight.


  • If you’re taking your precious instrument on the road, make sure it has a durable case or gig bag.
  • The gig bag is a travel guitar’s main accessory, so you should buy one that has a sturdy and reliable case to protect your best travel guitar on the go.


Bottom Line

When people think of travel guitars, they imagine the best travel guitar that has a sturdy and compact design and is highly portable. The primary purpose of a travel guitar is to offer a small guitar that sounds, more or less, the same as a full-sized guitar.

We tried different travel guitars, and our review is based on our experience with these instruments. The Cordoba Travel Guitar and the Yamaha JR1 Acoustic Guitar were one of the best travel guitars we have used. They are affordable, portable, and loaded with all the features you need on

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