Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Review-Why Do I Think It’s The Best?


Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Review

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Choosing the right acoustic guitar can be a difficult task, especially if you are on a tight budget. There are so many to chose from and finding the right guitar to suit your needs can be hard.

Many guitarists aspire to own a top of the range Takamine guitar. But, unfortunately the price tag puts them beyond reach for many players, particularly those just starting out.

Jasmine Guitars are an affordable alternative, produced by Takamine but come at a price that’s easier on the pocket. The Jasmine range is based on the their more expensive relations from Takamine and the basic design is the same so you can expect a level of quality not found in other budget instruments.

The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is a great no-frills part of the Jasmine range and is ideal for both beginners and more experienced players looking for a back up instrument.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Reviewed Below-

Jasmine S35 features

  • Dreadnought body
  • Spruce top
  • Rosewood neck
  • Chrome tuning pegs
  • Full-scale neck

Jasmine s35 comes with a dreadnought style body with a natural finish spruce top with excellent grain patterning and a rosewood fretboard.

The jasmine s35 acoustic guitar features a quilted maple body with a mahogany neck. The neck itself is shallow, making it easy to play for beginners, particularly those still getting to grips with the trickier chords.

This classic design, combining the pale spruce with the dark fretboard is often overlooked in favor of brightly colored bodies but there is something to be said for the simple design of the classic dreadnought.

I liked the subtle inlay around the sound hole brighten up the and provide a touch of class to the plain top. It comes with a standard black pickguard which stands out against the pale spruce top.


The headstock is modeled on the classic Takamine with the chrome tuning pegs and the Jasmine logo large and clear in the middle.

The frets themselves are well set in the rosewood fretboard and the position markers, while not exactly mother of pearl, are clear and well spaced.



Jasmine guitars are known as budget instruments but they produce a clean and crisp sound much richer than the price tag. The tone is responsive and bright and the large hollow body produces decent volume.

The action is low with minimal fret buzz and even higher up the fretboard, the balance is good making it easy to fret the strings regardless of the position.

The full body shape makes access higher up the fretboard difficult but, for rhythm players this shouldn’t matter and the Jasmine S35 is better suited for rhythm players.

The string pegs and synthetic bone nut make changing strings easy, particularly for beginners and learners who tend to break strings often.



Given the low cost of the Jasmine S35, it is worth paying for a decent quality set of acoustic strings, such as those from the Martin or D’Ardarrio ranges, to replace the strings it comes with. This will help you get the most out of the guitar. It will also help the guitar stay in tune as low-quality strings have a tendency to slip through the tuning pegs and go out of tune.

It is a straightforward acoustic guitar with no pick-ups, equalizers or electronics of any kind.

Despite its dreadnought size, the Jasmine S35 is quite lightweight, making it suitable for playing at home, but not great for gigging.

Retailing at around $100, the Jasmine S35 is a lot of guitar for not a lot of money. Few other guitars in the entry level price bracket will look as sleek or well designed as the S35.

While this is a good guitar for the price tag, it has to be remembered that it is a budget instrument and, while it may look like a Takamine, it won’t exactly sound like one.


  • Great value for money
  • Classic design
  • Bright tone


  • Laminate wood used
  • Comes with poor quality strings
  • lightweight

Final Verdict

As you would expect from an entry level budget guitar, the wood is laminated, which, while attractive, does compromise the sound and does not offer the full, natural sound of real wood.

That said, the jasmine s35 acoustic guitar does represent excellent value for money and is an ideal first or backup guitar, particularly if you’re like me, for taking on trips when you don’t want your main guitar getting damaged, lost or stolen.

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