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What Is the Schoenhut Acoustic Guitar?

The Schoenhut Steel 6-String Acoustic Guitar is half-sized wood and composite acoustic guitar designed for the budding young musician.  It’s recommended for children aged 6 and up, but to be perfectly honest I bought this for my 4-year-old daughter.

She really wanted a guitar and this model came in pink and seemed to be a very nice quality for a super reasonable price for the abuse it was bound to take from her, her twin brother and 2-year-old brother who also loves to play. I was not disappointed!

Schoenhut Acoustic Guitar Review:

Schoenhut Steel 6-String Acoustic Guitar Sound Quality and Build

It’s built like a brick outhouse!

The Schoenhut acoustic guitar has a great design with a double-curved body, which not only enhances the surprising sound quality but the overall robustness of the body. The soundboard is not composite but solid birch, which is excellent for resonance and good quality tone.  A bonus for parents, like me, who want their young ones to play without hearing loud practicing beginners for hours on end, is that the birch wood requires a hard strike to create loud volume. Consequently, this guitar soundboard naturally produces a much quieter, more mellow tone than other woods or a composite soundboard.

In addition to the great body design, the quality of the manufacturer’s work on the body was great. It was curved nicely with no rough edges, sharp turns or dings. Nothing on it to snag on the little ones playing and it arrived looking fantastic!  What is more, the Schoenhut Steel 6-String Acoustic Guitar has a hardwood neck for extra rigidity. I can vouch for this as I have seen it stepped on by two children and a German Sheppard with no warning or apparent damage.  I cannot say enough how well this guitar has held up.

Moreover, the attention to the needs of the little players is also seen in the fretboard, which is molded from a composite which guarantees proper height and spacing of the frets, and will not turn or pop off like a metal fret might when damaged.  They were not painted on my model when it arrived so you may want to mark it or paint it different colors if your child learns better by visual guides rather than by touch.  Our local music teacher is a fanatic about learning by touch so this was not an issue for us, but my friend prefers visual playing and consequently painted his son’s Schoenhut acoustic guitar. This is a matter of personal preference.

Playability of the Schoenhut Steel 6-String Acoustic Guitar

To be honest I was surprised by how great the sound quality was of the Schoenhut acoustic guitar. This little instrument has some amazing tones for its size and construction.  I think this is in part to the birch wood soundboard and composite back working well to reflect the tone quality and the fact that it uses steel strings.

As an example, we frequently have bonfires on the weekend and my friend’s acoustic guitar popped a string so we pulled out my daughter’s Schoenhut and jammed away.  Despite the funny image of full grown men using a small pink guitar on a cooler in a truck bed, it not only stayed in tune being passed around and strummed on rather roughly for a few hours but also sounded really good.


  • Birch soundboard, Super Lightweight,
  • Small size with a large body for superior sound reflection,
  • Hardwood Neck rather than,
  • composite for sturdiness,
  • Decent sound quality for the low cost,
  • Good Tuners and steel strings for higher quality sound,
  • This guitar can take a beating and survive – very solid little instrument[/thrive_text_block]


The con that’s not a con.
  • The molded composite fretboard might bother some die-hard acoustic guitar players, but, the mold produces evenness and quality and no chance of a fret being knocked loose by the younger players this guitar is geared for. The concern I’ve heard is that composite can be worn down over time by the steel strings, but I have had this guitar for over a year and see no evidence of that yet.
  • Steel strings may require supervision in very young children.

Final Verdict

I would recommend this guitar for anyone with children 3 -13 years old.  It’s really well made for the price, and the sound is surprisingly good. Our music teacher had no issues with this guitar as a beginner’s acoustic guitar for real music lessons either.

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