What is a Travel Guitar?


Travel Guitar Tips

For musicians who are often on the road a lot, carrying a full-sized guitar around is a bit of a hassle.

They weigh a lot on your shoulders and they could take up more room on the plane or on the tour bus.

Travel guitars are also suited for places where you wouldn’t take your favorite guitar for fear of damage or loss.


What is a travel guitar?


It is just a small guitar with a full-scale length, not a toy or a mini guitar meant for children. Travel guitars are usually compact, affordable and easy to disassemble and fit into your carry-on or briefcase. Trading your full-sized guitar for a small one when going on a trip does not necessarily mean you are skimping on quality, it’s just a more efficient and convenient option.


What is the difference between a travel guitar and a normal guitar?


Travel guitars also referred to as mini guitars, backpacker or ¾ guitars are designed to make traveling more convenient for musicians and guitarists.


They are smaller and more lightweight than your average guitar and you can take them apart when you don’t need them. Some travel guitars come with the same accessories as a regular guitar while some have accessories specifically suited to them.


There are several options of travel guitars available on the market. But just like regular guitars, you can usually find a travel guitar made by your favorite guitar brand. It does not matter whether you prefer an acoustic or electric guitar, one made with wood or plastic, just like regular guitars


They come in various sizes, designs, and prices and may or may not require special accessories, depending on the model you purchase. Some models may not require special straps, strings or pick but may need special cases and stands because of the varying sizes and design. If you are looking to purchase a travel guitar, you can find it in online stores or music shops that stock guitars


Are travel guitars good?


After lugging your regular guitar on a few trips, you won’t find it hard to ditch it for a mini guitar next time you are on the road.


Travel guitars have a lot going for them and can serve you well, depending on the model you choose. Most travel guitars that we reviewed online are very high-quality and produce great sound and volume.


They range in prices of course, but you don’t have to break the bank to get a decent quality mini guitar. Another advantage of travel guitars is that you can take them apart when not in use which makes them very convenient for transport and storage. They are a great alternative to full-sized guitars if you intend to take your guitar with you on a trip.


What’s the best travel guitar online?


With so many options to choose from, finding the best travel guitar might be difficult. Mini guitars vary in price, design, and size; you have to decide what suits you best. After some trial and error, we found the top five travel guitars on the market.


  1. Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

The Little Martin is a small guitar that produces an impressive bass sound. The guitar is made out of laminate wood and is very high quality. It looks and almost sounds like a real guitar.


  1. Dean Flight Travel Guitar

Another laminated wood mini guitar with a decent sound. It is quite affordable, sturdy and well-constructed. It is a low-cost, high-quality option.


  1. KLOS Travel Guitar

The KLOS guitar does not come cheap, but it is well worth the price. It is a high-quality mini guitar made out of carbon fiber, and the guitar has great sound quality. You get good performance and portability in a neat little package.


  1. Luna Safari Travel Guitar

The Safari has a very attractive design and is well-constructed guitar. The sound quality is pretty decent, and the guitar is affordable. If you like more interesting looking guitars, the Safari might appeal to you

  1. Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

The Baby Taylor might be last on this list, but it is the best choice. It is a sturdy; high-quality guitar that produces a lovely sound. The guitar is a bit pricey, but it is great value for money.



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